Old Historic Sacramento City Cemetery
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Visitor Center at the front gate

Historical marker at the front gate
of the cemetery.

Historical landmark sign on Broadway

Joseph H. Nevett
Died October 28, 1874 (57 yrs)

Historical markers at the front gate of the cemetery.

Eliza D. Davenport
Died July 11, 1867 (69 yrs)

Earliest known burial in cemetery
Capt. James T. Homans, USN
Died July 20, 1849

Susan A. Wilson
Died October 19, 1861 (66 yrs)

John Corcoran
Died January 13, 1860 (55 yrs)

Sarah Ann Cass
Died July 25, 1864 (16 yrs)

Kercheval Monument

Joseph Green Monument

Historic Volunteer Firemen's Plot

George C. Chapman
Fireman Engine Company No. 2
Died April 28, 1858 (27 yrs)

Historic Volunteer Firemen's Plot and Bell

Lizzie Hyatt
Died May 12, 1858 (31 yrs)

Sarah F. Smyth
Died November 6, 1855 (34 yrs)

A few of the wooden headboard in the cemetery.
Joseph Herman, Sabina Herman, and Dora Herman

Talmadge family monument

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